Editing a custom framework - AWS Audit Manager

Editing a custom framework

You can use custom frameworks in AWS Audit Manager to organize controls into control sets to meet your specific needs. You can use the framework library to find and edit a custom framework by following these steps.

Step 1: Edit framework details

Start by reviewing and editing the existing framework details.

To edit framework details

  1. Open the AWS Audit Manager console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/auditmanager/home.

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Framework library.

  3. In the framework library, choose the Custom frameworks tab, select the framework you want to edit, and then choose Edit.

    • Alternatively, you can open a custom framework and choose Edit at the top right of the assessment summary page.

  4. Under Framework detail, review the name, compliance type, and description for your framework, and make any necessary changes.

  5. Choose Next.


To edit the tags for a framework, open the framework and choose the Tags tab. There you can view and edit the tags that are associated with the framework.

Step 2: Edit the controls in the control set

Next, review and edit the controls and control sets in the framework.


When you use the AWS Audit Manager console to edit a custom framework, you can add up to 10 control sets for each framework.

When you use the Audit Manager API to edit a custom framework, you can add more than 10 control sets. To add more control sets than the console currently allows, use the UpdateAssessmentFramework API that Audit Manager provides.

To edit controls

  1. Under Control set name, review and edit the name for your control set as needed.

  2. Under Add a new control to the control set, you can add a control. Use the dropdown list to select one of the two control types: Standard controls or Custom controls.

  3. Based on the option you selected in the previous step, a table list of standard controls or custom controls is displayed. You can browse the list for control sets. Or, you can search by entering the control name, data source, or tags to locate the controls that you want to add. Select one or more controls and choose Add to control set to add to this control set.

  4. In the pop-up window that appears, choose Add to control set to confirm your addition.

  5. Under Review the selected controls in the control set, review and edit the controls that currently appear in the Selected controls list. To add more controls to a control set, repeat steps 2–4. Remove unwanted controls from the control set by selecting one or more controls and choosing Remove control.

  6. To add a new control set to the framework, choose Add control set at the bottom of the page. Remove unwanted control sets by choosing Remove control set.

  7. After you finish adding control sets and controls, choose Next.

Step 3. Review and update the framework

Review the information for your framework. To change the information for a step, choose Edit.

When you're finished, choose Save changes.