Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
User Guide

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Limits

Your AWS account has the following limits related to Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling. For information about the service limits for other services, see AWS Service Limits in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

Default Limits

  • Launch configurations per Region: 200

  • Auto Scaling groups per Region: 200

To view the current limits for your account, use the Limits page of the Amazon EC2 console or the describe-account-limits (AWS CLI) command. To request a limit increase, use the Auto Scaling Limits form.

Auto Scaling Group Limits

  • Scaling policies per Auto Scaling group: 50

  • Scheduled actions per Auto Scaling group: 125

  • Lifecycle hooks per Auto Scaling group: 50

  • SNS topics per Auto Scaling group: 10

  • Classic Load Balancers per Auto Scaling group: 50

  • Target groups per Auto Scaling group: 50

Scaling Policy Limits

  • Step adjustments per scaling policy: 20

Auto Scaling API Limits