Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling resources - Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling resources

The following related resources can help you as you work with this service.

  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling – The primary web page for information about Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling.

  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling technical FAQ – The answers to questions customers ask about Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling.

  • Discussion Forums – Get help from the community.

  • Amazon EC2: How to connect to your Linux instance – Learn how to connect to the Linux instances that you launch.

  • Amazon EC2: How to connect to your Windows instance – Learn how to connect to the Windows instances that you launch.

  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation – Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling is integrated with AWS CloudFormation, a service that helps you to model and set up your AWS resources so that you can spend less time creating and managing your resources and infrastructure. You create a template that describes all the AWS resources that you want, AWS CloudFormation provisions and configures those resources for you. When you use AWS CloudFormation, you can reuse your template to set up your Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling resources consistently and repeatedly. Describe your resources once, and then provision the same resources over and over in multiple AWS accounts and Regions.

  • AWS Auto Scaling User Guide – The AWS Auto Scaling console makes it easier for you to use the scaling features of multiple services.

The following additional resources are available to help you learn more about Amazon Web Services.

  • Classes & Workshops – Links to role-based and specialty courses, in addition to self-paced labs to help sharpen your AWS skills and gain practical experience.

  • AWS Developer Tools – Links to developer tools, SDKs, IDE toolkits, and command line tools for developing and managing AWS applications.

  • AWS Whitepapers – Links to a comprehensive list of technical AWS whitepapers, covering topics such as architecture, security, and economics and authored by AWS Solutions Architects or other technical experts.

  • AWS Support Center – The hub for creating and managing your AWS Support cases. Also includes links to other helpful resources, such as forums, technical FAQs, service health status, and AWS Trusted Advisor.

  • AWS Support – The primary webpage for information about AWS Support, a one-on-one, fast-response support channel to help you build and run applications in the cloud.

  • Contact Us – A central contact point for inquiries concerning AWS billing, account, events, abuse, and other issues.

  • AWS Site Terms – Detailed information about our copyright and trademark; your account, license, and site access; and other topics.