AWS Auto Scaling
User Guide

Getting Started with AWS Auto Scaling

This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to AWS Auto Scaling through the AWS Management Console, a web-based interface. To create your first scaling plan, complete the following steps.


AWS Auto Scaling uses a AWS CloudFormation stack to discover the AWS resources that power your application. You need the name of your AWS CloudFormation stack before you can create a scaling plan.

You can create one scaling plan per application and add each scalable resource to one scaling plan.

Step 1: Select Your Application

Open the AWS Auto Scaling console at From the welcome page, choose Get started. Select your AWS CloudFormation stack and choose Next.

Step 2: Configure Your Scaling Plan

On the Configure scaling plan page, for Scaling plan details, type a name for your scaling plan. For each type of scalable resource, select a strategy and a metric. To omit a type of scalable resource from your scaling plan, clear Include in plan. When you are finished, choose Next.

Step 3: Create Your Scaling Plan

Review your scaling plan and choose Create scaling plan.

Step 4: Delete Your Scaling Plan (Optional)

When you are finished with a scaling plan, you can delete it. Deleting a scaling plan deletes the target tracking policies that AWS Auto Scaling created on your behalf. Deleting a scaling plan does not delete your AWS CloudFormation stack or your application resources.