Assigning resources to a backup plan - AWS Backup

Assigning resources to a backup plan

When you assign a resource to a backup plan, that resource is backed up automatically according to the backup plan. The backups for that resource are managed according to the backup plan. You can assign resources using tags or resource IDs.


If you are protecting more than 100 resources in a plan, we recommend that you use tag-based management.

Using tags to assign resources is a simple and scalable way to back up multiple resources. Any resources with the tags that you specify in the resource assignment are assigned to the backup plan. For example, if you assign resources with the tag values July and August, you have assigned all your resources tagged with either July or August. Be aware that tags are case-sensitive.

For example, you can define a backup plan that meets your backup requirements for mission critical data and create a resource assignment with the tag key Classification and tag value MissionCritical. Then any of your resources with that tag are automatically assigned to your mission critical backup plan.


When creating a tag-based backup plan, if you choose a role other than the Default role, make sure that it has the necessary permissions to back up all tagged resources. AWS Backup tries to process all resources with the selected tags. If it encounters a resource that it doesn't have permission to access, the backup plan fails.

For step-by-step instructions for assigning resources to a backup plan, see Step 2: Assign resources to a backup plan in the Getting Started section.