Set up your expert profile - AWS IQ

Set up your expert profile

Add information to your expert profile by using the AWS IQ console. A completed profile includes a photo, proof of achieved AWS certifications, and a short biography. Individuals can include links to case studies or examples of completed work.

The following sections provide tips for filling out your profile information.

Select the role

The Certified expert role allows you to have access to the customer's AWS account. This role requires an AWS Certification.

The Non Certified role allows you to create a Project Manager profile and engage with customers.


You must have at least one Certified expert in your firm to be activated.

Enter your personal information

When you add personal information, such as a name and a profile picture, you increase the credibility of your expert profile. You can earn trust with customers when your profile is more complete.

When you set up your profile, keep the following things in mind:

  • Your Display name is the name a customer sees on your profile and when you chat in AWS IQ.

  • Your Email address isn't shared with customers. All AWS IQ email notifications are sent to this address.

  • Your Profile photo can be in a .jpg, .png, or .gif format. You can always add a photo or change it later.

Choose a great photograph

Your face should take up at least 60 percent of the frame. Crop the picture from the top of your shoulders to just above your head so that your face fills the frame.

Use an approachable and friendly expression. Don't force an unnatural smile, but also don't look too serious.

Use a simple background that doesn't distract from your face.

          AWS IQ - Examples of good profile photos

Only Associate, Professional, and Specialty certifications are accepted. An AWS Certification account can only be linked to one profile.

For more information about AWS certifications, see AWS Certification.

Describe your skills and experience

Help customers by making your experience as scannable as possible. Include headers and short, descriptive sentences and bullet points where possible.

If you have integrated or used any third-party services or applications with AWS also include them, for example: Tableau or WordPress.

Describe what your strengths and interests are, for example: migrating databases or configuring new instances of Amazon Redshift.

Give an indication of how long you have been working in this field, for example: “I have been an AWS Solutions Architect for more than 10 years.”

List the types of engagements you like to work on, for example: “I am available for short consultations.”


I have more than 10 years of hands-on experience with AWS. I've worked with many clients migrating workloads to AWS or helping them design and build new cloud solutions. I am also capable of helping you with security related work.

I am experienced and comfortable helping troubleshoot production or performance problems in AWS, as well as helping you plan scalable, cost effective, and secure solutions.

I am proficient in WordPress and love helping clients large and small. I'd be happy to answer questions in a consultation or complete end to end project work.

Set your hourly rate

Setting your rate is optional, but it gives customers an idea of your fees. Use a wide range if you're flexible on pricing.

Verify your identity and review your profile

AWS IQ verifies your identity for security purposes. You must have a US, France, or UK address. The information collected is shared with a third party for verification purposes. It is not shown to customers or stored.

You can review or edit your profile at any time. Check for anything you might want to add or change, and then save your profile.

Updating your profile

After you have been activated as an expert, you can continue to edit your profile in the AWS IQ console.

To update your profile

  1. Sign in to the AWS IQ console at

  2. Open your profile by choosing the down arrow next to your account, and then choose Account Settings.

              AWS IQ - Access Account Settings for Experts
  3. Update your profile information as necessary.

  4. Preview your profile by choosing Preview profile.