What is AWS IQ for experts? - AWS IQ

What is AWS IQ for experts?

AWS IQ is a service that connects customers to hands-on help with Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you're based in an eligible jurisdiction supported by AWS Marketplace, you can sign up to become an expert in AWS IQ. As an expert, you can get paid for work that you complete for customers within their AWS account.

How it works

In the AWS IQ console, customers create requests for hands-on help. If you have an AWS Certification and register as an expert, you can view and respond to customer requests. You can choose for customers to contact you directly through your public profile page. You'll have a unique URL to share with customers.

Before you start working on a project, discuss the work details with the customer. After you understand the scope of the work, you create a proposal with tasks, milestones, and payment terms. Customers grant you task-appropriate permissions to their AWS account, and you perform the work in their account on their behalf. You're paid according to the terms of your proposal as work is completed upfront or according to a schedule.

The following illustration shows the phases of how an AWS IQ expert creates a profile, connects with customers, starts a proposal, works securely to complete work, and then requests payment.

    Workflow for engaging and completing a request AWS IQ expert and customer

To participate in AWS IQ as an expert, you must have an address in an eligible jurisdiction supported by AWS Marketplace and tax information.

To view customer requests, at least one expert in your firm must link a valid AWS Certification (Associate, Professional, or Specialty) to their IQ profile. AWS Certifications help learners build credibility and confidence by validating their cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential. To learn more about certifications, see AWS Certification. An AWS Certification is not required for a public profile where customers can directly contact you. For more information about becoming an IQ expert, see Prerequisites.

Getting paid

As an expert you set the price for your services. Other fees and charges may apply. Payments are processed through AWS Marketplace and charged directly to a customer's AWS bill. For more information, see the Set up Payments section of Getting started as an expert in AWS IQ.