Processing refunds in AWS IQ - AWS IQ

Processing refunds in AWS IQ

Customers review work before approving a payment request. After approving a payment request, if a customer is unhappy with the work, they can request a refund. You can issue the refund, or not, at your sole discretion.

To initiate a refund request, open a ticket with AWS Marketplace Customer Service:

  1. Gather the following information:

    • The customer's AWS account ID for the account used to post the AWS IQ request. You can get this directly from the customer.

    • Accepted Payment Request date. This is the date the customer accepted the payment request; it's recorded in the AWS IQ chat under the proposal tab.

    • Payment Request ID. This is also located in the AWS IQ chat under the proposal tab.

    • Full Refund or Partial Refund. If Partial, provide the refund amount.

  2. Navigate to the Support Console:

    1. Choose Account and billing support.

    2. From the Type dropdown, choose IQ.

    3. Choose I am an AWS expert and need assistance.

  3. In the subject line, enter AWS IQ Refund Request

  4. Provide the following case details:

    • Customer AWS account ID

    • Payment Approved Date

    • Payment Request ID

    • Refund Type (Full/Partial)

    • Refund Amount (if Partial)

    • Refund Reason

  5. Submit the case to notify the Support team. A case is created in the AWS Support Center Console with status information about the refund request. The subject line contains one of the following:

    Completed – The refund was processed and no further action is required.

    Pending – The refund will be processed after the current billing cycle ends.

    Action Required – The request could not be processed, and we need additional information from you. You can respond directly to the support case; however, you will also need to submit a new refund request form.