Set up Payments in AWS IQ - AWS IQ

Set up Payments in AWS IQ

To be activated as an expert in AWS IQ, you must set up an AWS Marketplace account with your payment and tax information.

For members of a firm, all team members can use the same seller account. Each team member can set up his or her own AWS IQ profile using an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user in the firm's AWS account. Expert profiles must be set up one per individual.

Initial Payment Setup

In AWS IQ, you set up payments through AWS Marketplace when you first sign up.

Updating Your Payment Information

After setting up your payment information, you can update it by going to Account settings in the AWS IQ console. You are directed to AWS Marketplace to edit your seller information.

Sign in to the AWS IQ console at Open your profile by choosing the down arrow next to your account, and then choosing Account settings.

     AWS IQ - Access Account Settings for Experts

On the Profile page, choose Payments.