Monitoring Experts' Activity in AWS IQ - AWS IQ

Monitoring Experts' Activity in AWS IQ

In AWS IQ, you can view the AWS CloudTrail (CloudTrail) logs of an expert to see what was done in your account.

To view activity
  1. Sign in to the AWS IQ console at

  2. Choose the request and the expert for which you want to monitor activity.

  3. Choose Proposals, and then choose the permissions request that you accepted.

  4. Choose Activity. This shows the activity of the expert you have selected.

  5. Choose the AWS Region where the expert has done the work. You can check the Regions where your resources are located or chat with the expert to confirm the Region. For example, US West (Oregon).

    The CloudTrail console opens in a new tab.

  6. In the CloudTrail console, look at the Event history page for a list of actions performed by an expert in your account.

    For more information, see Viewing CloudTrail events in the CloudTrail console in the AWS CloudTrail User Guide.


An expert is a third-party entity. It's your responsibility to resolve issues directly with the expert. For more information, see the Engagement agreement for AWS IQ.