Costs and payments for AWS IQ - AWS IQ

Costs and payments for AWS IQ

The cost to use AWS IQ is the amount charged by an IQ expert for work completed. This cost will never exceed the amount that you agreed to in the AWS IQ proposal.

An expert is a third-party entity. You're responsible for the cost of any resources that an expert creates or changes in your AWS account. It's your responsibility to resolve issues directly with the third party. For more information, see the Engagement agreement for AWS IQ.

For more information about AWS IQ pricing, see AWS IQ Pricing.


In AWS IQ, your expert will request that you agree to use one of three payment types. You may pay upfront, in milestones, or based on a pre-set schedule:


Payment upon acceptance of the proposal. You pay for the expert’s professional services when you accept the proposal.


Custom payments that are requested as work is completed. As experts reach milestones, they create a payment request that you can accept or decline. If you decline a payment request, work with the expert to address the situation. An expert can resubmit the request after the issues are resolved.


Request continual payments based on the schedule set in the proposal. You agree to all payments when you accept the proposal. You pay on fixed dates and amounts according to the schedule in the proposal agreement.

You review and accept or decline the payment type as part of the proposal agreement in the AWS IQ console. We suggest that you clarify milestones and payment schedules when an expert creates a proposal.

Approve a milestone payment request

Experts request payment as work is completed using milestone payments. Follow this process when you receive a notification to approve a payment.

To approve a payment request from an expert

  1. Sign in to the AWS IQ console at

  2. Choose your request, and then choose Proposals.

  3. Choose a payment labeled Awaiting approval.

  4. Review the payment request and choose Accept.

    Use the chat functionality to ask the expert questions if something isn't clear.


You have 10 days to accept or decline a payment request. If you don't act, the request is automatically approved on the 10th day and charged to your account.

Next steps

If this is the final payment for a request, accepting the payment concludes the associated proposal and revokes permissions for the expert.

After you have made the final payment, AWS IQ asks you to rate and review your expert. For more information, see Ratings and reviews of experts in AWS IQ.