AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

Eligibility for the Free Tier

You receive the benefits of the Free Tier automatically for 12 months after you sign up for an AWS account. If you exceed the usage limits of the Free Tier, use a service that doesn't provide Free Tier benefits, or continue to use AWS after you're no longer eligible for the Free Tier, you're charged at the standard billing rates for your AWS usage. For a list of services that offer Free Tier benefits, see AWS Free Tier.

If you have an existing AWS account but you’re not sure if it’s still eligible for the Free Tier, open the Billing and Cost Management console. If your account is eligible for the Free Tier, you see a message in the Alerts & Notifications section, as shown in the following screenshot.

You can also choose Bills in the navigation pane of the console to see when you created your AWS account. In the Date drop-down box, you will find one bill for each month since you opened your account even if you didn't have charges.

If your company creates your AWS account through AWS Organizations, Free Tier eligibility for all member accounts begins on the day that the master account of the organization is created. For more information, see the AWS Organizations User Guide.

When your Free Tier eligibility is coming to an end, AWS sends a notification to the email address that you used when you signed up for AWS. If you decide to continue using AWS after your Free Tier eligibility ends, be sure to clean up any resources that you no longer need to avoid being charged for their use. If you decide not to continue using AWS, you can close your account.