Managing your payment profiles - AWS Billing and Cost Management

Managing your payment profiles

The payment profiles feature is in public preview for AWS Billing and Cost Management and is subject to change. This feature is available for a select group of customers. Your use of payment profiles is subject to the Preview Service Participation terms of the AWS Service Terms (Section 1.10).

Use payment profiles to assign more than one payment method to your automatic payments. If you operate in multiple countries, the payment profiles feature uses valid payment methods automatically so that you can pay all of your AWS invoices for all member accounts across billing entities.

You can use payment profiles for payments across countries and AWS Regions by specifying your valid, distinct payment method for invoices that meet your preference criteria. Payment methods vary across countries, due to the technologies available for each country. By creating custom profiles, you can choose which payment method you prefer for each Region or service that you receive AWS invoices from. Payment profiles ensure that you have valid payment methods to pay your invoices automatically.

Setting up your payment profiles

You can set up a new custom profile using the Billing and Cost Management console.

To create custom payment profiles

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Billing and Cost Management console at

  2. In the navigation pane under Preferences, choose Payment methods.

  3. Under the Customize payment profiles section, choose View payment profiles.

  4. Under the Payment profiles section, choose Contact us. This creates a customer service request.

  5. In the AWS Support request, choose Account and Billing support.

  6. Under the Type section, choose Billing.

  7. Under the Category section, choose Update Payment Method.

  8. Enter Payment profile creation in the subject line.

  9. Under the description, enter your preferences for your new profile. Include the following information:

    • Country or billing Region

    • Currency

    • The payment method on file that you want associated with this custom profile.

      You must add your credit card to the payment methods page first. AWS Support can't add, remove, or change the details of your payment methods for security reasons.


    Do not provide your full credit card number in your correspondence. Use the brand or network of your credit card (for example, Visa), and the last four digits of the credit card number.

  10. Choose Submit. AWS Support will work with you to create new payment profiles.