Enabling purchase order notifications - AWS Billing and Cost Management

Enabling purchase order notifications

You can enable email notifications on the Billing and Cost Management console by adding contacts to your purchase orders. You need at least one purchase order contact added to receive notifications.

Notifications are beneficial to proactively take action on your expiring, or out of balance purchase orders. This helps you make payments without delay. To update your contacts information, see Editing your purchase orders.

Purchase order notifications are sent to your contacts for the following scenarios:

  • Balance tracking – When your purchase order's line item balance drops below the 75% threshold. The purchase order balance is tracked at the line item level, and must be enabled at each level.

  • Expiration tracking – When your purchase order is approaching its expiration. Your contacts receive notifications leading up to your expiration date. If your purchase order expiration is less than one month away, notifications are sent one week prior and on the expiration date. If your expiration date is one to three months away, a notification is sent one month before the expiration date. If the expiration is more than three months away, notifications are sent two months before the expiration date.