Reading your purchase order details page - AWS Billing and Cost Management

Reading your purchase order details page

You can review the contents of your individual purchase orders on the Purchase order details page of the Billing and Cost Management console.

To change your purchase order or line items, see Editing your purchase orders.

  • Bill to – The address reflected on your invoice. To change your billing address, update the information from your Payment methods.

  • Ship to – Your purchase order's shipping address.

  • Bill from – The AWS legal entity you're billed from.

  • Tax registration numbers – The tax registration numbers that you selected for your purchase order. Your purchase order is associated with the invoices generated for these tax registration numbers.


    The Tax registration number selection is available for only the Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL billing entity. For more information on your tax registration number settings, see Managing your account.

  • Payment terms – Your negotiated AWS payment terms.

  • Currency – Your preferred invoice payment currency.

  • Effective month– The month your purchase order is effective from. Your purchase order is used for generated invoices starting this month.

  • Expiration month– The month your purchase order expires. Your purchase order is not used for any invoices that are generated past this month.

  • Contacts – A list of all contacts for this purchase order. Choose Manage contacts to see all listed.

  • Status – The current status of your purchase order.

    • Active – Eligible for invoice association.

    • Suspended – Not eligible for invoice association. You can suspend an active or expired purchase order.

    • Expired – A purchase order that is past its expiration date, and is no longer eligible for invoice association.

    • Suspended-expired – A suspended purchase order that is also past its expiration date.

  • Balance amount – The balance remaining on your purchase order. This is the total balance amount of all line items configured on your purchase order.

  • Total amount – The sum of your total values for all line items configured in your purchase order.

  • Line items – The line item details you used when adding the purchase order.

    • Number – The unique identifier for your line item.

    • Type – Your line item type.

    • Start month – The month that your line is effective from. The line item is eligible for invoice association from this month.

    • End month – The month your line item expires. The line item is not eligible for invoice association at the end of this month.

    • Amount – The unit price amount.

    • Quantity – The number of units.

    • Tax – The tax amount.

    • Total value – The total value of amount for the particular line item.

    • Current balance – The remaining balance after subtracting the total amount of all invoices matched with this line item. To see details for all invoices matching this line item, see the invoices table.

  • Invoices – All invoices associated with your purchase order.

    • Date issued – The date when the invoice was issued.

    • Type – The type of invoice. For example, invoice and credit memo.

    • ID – The unique identifier of the invoice.

    • Line item number – The line item number of your purchase order, associated with the invoice.

    • Amount – The invoice amount.

    • Due date – Your payment due date for the invoice.