Viewing your purchase orders - AWS Billing

Viewing your purchase orders

Your purchase order dashboard on the Billing and Cost Management console shows you the state of your purchase orders at a glance. Your purchase orders are listed on the dashboard, along with the following information.

  • Purchase order ID – The unique identifier for your purchase order.

  • Value – Your purchase order amount. This is the sum of all line item amounts.

  • Balance – The sum of all line item balances. This sum is updated whenever an invoice is associated.

  • Effective and Expiration – The start and end of your purchase order ID.

  • Status – The current status of your purchase order.

  • Updated on – The most recent date you updated your purchase order.

To view your purchase orders
  1. Open the AWS Billing and Cost Management console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Purchase orders.

  3. Choose a purchase order to see the Purchase order details page.