Viewing your carbon footprint - AWS Billing

Viewing your carbon footprint

You can use the customer carbon footprint tool to view estimates of the carbon emissions associated with your AWS products and services.

Getting started with the customer carbon footprint tool

The customer carbon footprint tool is available for all accounts. Your data is updated monthly with a delay of three months while AWS processes the data required to calculate your carbon emission estimates.


If a report isn't available for your account, your account might be too new to show data, or your total carbon footprint is under the display threshold. For more information, see Understanding the customer carbon footprint tool.

To use the customer carbon footprint tool
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Billing and Cost Management console at

  2. On the navigation pane, choose Legacy Pages, then Cost and Usage Reports.

  3. Under Customer Carbon Footprint Tool, choose your Start month and End month.

IAM policies

You must have the IAM permission sustainability:GetCarbonFootprintSummary to access the customer carbon footprint tool and data. For more information regarding IAM permissions, see Identity and Access Management for AWS Billing.

AWS Organizations users

If you're signed in as a management account of AWS Organizations, the customer carbon footprint tool dashboard and spreadsheet download report the consolidated member account data for the duration that those member accounts were a part of your organization.

If you're a member account, the customer carbon footprint tool reports emission data for all the periods. This is regardless of any changes that might have occurred to your account's associated membership in an organization.