AWS CloudTrail
User Guide (Version 1.0)

CloudTrail Supported Regions

Region Name Region Endpoint Protocol AWS Account ID Support Date
US East (Ohio) us-east-2 HTTPS 475085895292 10/17/2016
US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1 HTTPS 086441151436 11/13/2013
US West (N. California) us-west-1 HTTPS 388731089494 05/13/2014
US West (Oregon) us-west-2 HTTPS 113285607260 11/13/2013
Canada (Central) ca-central-1 HTTPS 819402241893 12/08/2016
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ap-south-1 HTTPS 977081816279 06/27/2016
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) ap-northeast-3 HTTPS 765225791966 02/12/2018
Asia Pacific (Seoul) ap-northeast-2 HTTPS 492519147666 01/06/2016
Asia Pacific (Singapore) ap-southeast-1 HTTPS 903692715234 06/30/2014
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2 HTTPS 284668455005 05/13/2014
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1 HTTPS 216624486486 06/30/2014
China (Ningxia) cn-northwest-1 HTTPS 681348832753 12/11/2017
EU (Frankfurt) eu-central-1 HTTPS 035351147821 10/23/2014
EU (Ireland) eu-west-1 HTTPS 859597730677 05/13/2014
EU (London) eu-west-2 HTTPS 282025262664 12/13/2016
EU (Paris) eu-west-3 HTTPS 262312530599 12/18/2017
South America (São Paulo) sa-east-1 HTTPS 814480443879 06/30/2014

For information about using CloudTrail in the AWS GovCloud (US), Region, see AWS GovCloud (US) Endpoints in the AWS GovCloud (US) User Guide.

For information about using CloudTrail in the China (Beijing) Region, see China (Beijing) Region Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.