Troubleshooting - AWS Support


If you have difficulty when you create or manage your support case, see the following troubleshooting information.

I want to reopen a live chat for my case

You can reply to your existing support case to open another chat window. For more information, see Updating an existing support case.

I can't connect to a live chat

If you chose the Chat option but you can't connect to the chat window, first perform the following checks:

  • Ensure that you've configured your browser to allow pop-up windows in Support Center.


    Review the settings for your browser. For more information, see the Chrome Help and Firefox Support websites.

  • Ensure that you've configured your network so that you can use AWS Support:

    • Your network can access the * endpoint.


      For AWS GovCloud (US), the endpoint is *

    • Your firewall supports web socket connections.

If you still can’t connect to the chat window, contact AWS Support using email or phone contact options.