Getting started with AWS Support - AWS Support

Getting started with AWS Support

AWS Support offers a range of plans that provide access to tools and expertise that support the success and operational health of your AWS solutions. All support plans provide 24/7 access to customer service, AWS documentation, technical papers, and support forums. For technical support and more resources to plan, deploy, and improve your AWS environment, you can choose a support plan that best aligns with your AWS use case.


Features of AWS Support plans

AWS Support offers five support plans:

  • Basic

  • Developer

  • Business

  • Enterprise On-Ramp

  • Enterprise

Basic Support offers support for account and billing questions and service quota increases. The other plans offer a number of technical support cases with pay-by-the-month pricing and no long-term contracts.

All AWS customers automatically have 24/7 access to these features of Basic Support:

  • One-on-one responses to account and billing questions

  • Support forums

  • Service health checks

  • Documentation, technical papers, and best practice guides

Customers with a Developer Support plan have access to these additional features:

  • Best practice guidance

  • Client-side diagnostic tools

  • Building-block architecture support: guidance on how to use AWS products, features, and services together

  • Supports an unlimited number of support cases that can be opened by one primary contact, which is the AWS account root user.

In addition, customers with a Business, Enterprise On-Ramp, or Enterprise Support plan have access to these features:

  • Use-case guidance – What AWS products, features, and services to use to best support your specific needs.

  • AWS Trusted Advisor – A feature of AWS Support, which inspects customer environments and identifies opportunities to save money, close security gaps, and improve system reliability and performance. You can access all Trusted Advisor checks.

  • The AWS Support API to interact with Support Center and Trusted Advisor. You can use the AWS Support API to automate support case management and Trusted Advisor operations.

  • Third-party software support – Help with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance operating systems and configuration. Also, help with the performance of the most popular third-party software components on AWS. Third-party software support isn't available for customers on Basic or Developer Support plans.

  • Supports an unlimited number of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users who can open technical support cases.

In addition, customers with an Enterprise On-Ramp or Enterprise Support plan have access to these features:

  • Application architecture guidance – Consultative guidance on how services fit together to meet your specific use case, workload, or application.

  • Infrastructure event management – Short-term engagement with AWS Support to get a deep understanding of your use case. After analysis, provide architectural and scaling guidance for an event.

  • Technical account manager – Work with a technical account manager (TAM) for your specific use cases and applications.

  • White-glove case routing.

  • Management business reviews.

For more information about features and pricing for each support plan, see AWS Support and Compare AWS Support plans. Some features, such as 24/7 phone and chat support, aren't available in all languages.