Advanced prompts in Amazon Bedrock - Amazon Bedrock

Advanced prompts in Amazon Bedrock

After creation, an agent is configured with the following four default base prompt templates, which outline how the agent constructs prompts to send to the foundation model at each step of the agent sequence. For details about what each step encompasses, see Runtime process.

  • Pre-processing

  • Orchestration

  • Knowledge base response generation

  • Post-processing (disabled by default)

Prompt templates define how the agent does the following:

  • Processes user input text and output prompts from foundation models (FMs)

  • Orchestrates between the FM, action groups, and knowledge bases

  • Formats and returns responses to the user

By using advanced prompts, you can enhance your agent's accuracy through modifying these prompt templates to provide detailed configurations. You can also provide hand-curated examples for few-shot prompting, in which you improve model performance by providing labeled examples for a specific task.

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