Creating pricing plans - AWS Billing Conductor

Creating pricing plans

You can create pricing plans in AWS Billing Conductor to customize the output of your billing details across your billing groups. By default, a payer account in with admin permissions can create pricing plans. It takes up to 24 hours after you apply a pricing plan to a billing group to see the custom rates for your billing group reflected.

A single pricing plan can be applied to multiple billing groups.


Updating a pricing plan also affects the billing details of each billing group where the pricing plan is associated. If the pricing plan is associated with a billing group or set of billing groups, this change affects only the current billing period. Previous billing periods remain the same.

Use the following steps to create a pricing plan.

To create a pricing plan

  1. Open AWS Billing Conductor at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Pricing configuration.

  3. From the Pricing plan tab, choose Create pricing plan.

  4. For Pricing plan details, enter the name of the pricing plan. For naming restrictions, see Quotas and restrictions.

  5. (Optional) For Description, enter a description for the pricing plan.

  6. In the Pricing rules table, choose the pricing rules that you want to be associated with the pricing plan. You can filter the pricing rules by pricing rule name, scope, service code, or rate.

  7. Choose Create pricing plan.

Pricing plan table

After you create a pricing plan, you can view the details of the pricing plan in a filterable table. You can filter by the following dimensions:

  • The pricing plan name

  • The description

  • The number of pricing rules that's associated with the pricing plan