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This API may emit warnings. Backward compatibility is not guaranteed.

NOTICE: This module has been deprecated in favor of @aws-cdk/aws-dynamodb.Table.replicationRegions

Global Tables builds upon DynamoDB’s global footprint to provide you with a fully managed, multi-region, and multi-master database that provides fast, local, read and write performance for massively scaled, global applications. Global Tables replicates your Amazon DynamoDB tables automatically across your choice of AWS regions.

Here is a minimal deployable Global DynamoDB tables definition:

 App app = new App();
 GlobalTable.Builder.create(app, "globdynamodb")
         .regions(List.of("us-east-1", "us-east-2", "us-west-2"))

Implementation Notes

AWS Global DynamoDB Tables is an odd case currently. The way this package works -

  • Creates a DynamoDB table in a separate stack in each DynamoDBGlobalStackProps.region specified
  • Deploys a CFN Custom Resource to your stack's specified region that calls a lambda that runs the aws cli which calls createGlobalTable()


GlobalTable() will set to be NEW_AND_OLD_IMAGES since this is a required attribute for AWS Global DynamoDB tables to work. The package will throw an error if any other stream specification is set in DynamoDBGlobalStackProps. Deprecated: This module has been deprecated. Use @aws-cdk/aws-dynamodb.Table with replicationRegions instead