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@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.101.0 (build b95fe5d)", date="2024-07-12T19:33:56.665Z") @Stability(Stable) public interface ApiMappingOptions extends
Options for creating an api mapping.


 Object acmCertificateForExampleCom;
 RestApi restApi;
 RestApi secondRestApi;
 DomainName domain = DomainName.Builder.create(this, "custom-domain")
 domain.addApiMapping(secondRestApi.getDeploymentStage(), ApiMappingOptions.builder()
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    • getBasePath

      @Stability(Stable) @Nullable default String getBasePath()
      The api path name that callers of the API must provide in the URL after the domain name (e.g. If you specify this property, it can't be an empty string.

      If this is undefined, a mapping will be added for the empty path. Any request that does not match a mapping will get sent to the API that has been mapped to the empty path.

      Default: - map requests from the domain root (e.g. ``).

    • builder

      @Stability(Stable) static ApiMappingOptions.Builder builder()
      a ApiMappingOptions.Builder of ApiMappingOptions