Class CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty.Builder

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@Stability(Stable) public static final class CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty.Builder extends Object implements<CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty>
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      public Builder()
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    • eventSource

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty.Builder eventSource(String eventSource)
      eventSource - The source of the event, such as an AWS service, that triggers AWS Config to evaluate your AWS resources. This parameter is required.
    • messageType

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty.Builder messageType(String messageType)
      messageType - The type of notification that triggers AWS Config to run an evaluation for a rule. This parameter is required. You can specify the following notification types:

      • ConfigurationItemChangeNotification - Triggers an evaluation when AWS Config delivers a configuration item as a result of a resource change.
      • OversizedConfigurationItemChangeNotification - Triggers an evaluation when AWS Config delivers an oversized configuration item. AWS Config may generate this notification type when a resource changes and the notification exceeds the maximum size allowed by Amazon SNS.
      • ScheduledNotification - Triggers a periodic evaluation at the frequency specified for MaximumExecutionFrequency .
      • ConfigurationSnapshotDeliveryCompleted - Triggers a periodic evaluation when AWS Config delivers a configuration snapshot.

      If you want your custom rule to be triggered by configuration changes, specify two SourceDetail objects, one for ConfigurationItemChangeNotification and one for OversizedConfigurationItemChangeNotification .

    • maximumExecutionFrequency

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty.Builder maximumExecutionFrequency(String maximumExecutionFrequency)
      maximumExecutionFrequency - The frequency at which you want AWS Config to run evaluations for a custom rule with a periodic trigger. If you specify a value for MaximumExecutionFrequency , then MessageType must use the ScheduledNotification value.

      By default, rules with a periodic trigger are evaluated every 24 hours. To change the frequency, specify a valid value for the MaximumExecutionFrequency parameter.

      Based on the valid value you choose, AWS Config runs evaluations once for each valid value. For example, if you choose Three_Hours , AWS Config runs evaluations once every three hours. In this case, Three_Hours is the frequency of this rule.

    • build

      @Stability(Stable) public CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty build()
      Builds the configured instance.
      Specified by:
      build in interface<CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty>
      a new instance of CfnConfigRule.SourceDetailProperty
      NullPointerException - if any required attribute was not provided