All Implemented Interfaces:, software.constructs.IConstruct, software.constructs.IDependable

@Generated(value="jsii-pacmak/1.91.0 (build 1b1f239)", date="2023-11-16T22:34:13.178Z") @Stability(Experimental) public class ApplicationAssociator extends software.constructs.Construct
(experimental) An AppRegistry construct to automatically create an application with the given name and description.

The application name must be unique at the account level per region and it's immutable. This construct will automatically associate all stacks in the given scope, however in case of a Pipeline stack, stage underneath the pipeline will not automatically be associated and needs to be associated separately.

If cross account stack is detected and associateCrossAccountStacks in TargetApplicationOptions is true, then the application will automatically be shared with the consumer accounts to allow associations. Otherwise, the application will not be shared. Cross account feature will only work for non environment agnostic stacks.


 App app = new App();
 ApplicationAssociator associatedApp = ApplicationAssociator.Builder.create(app, "AssociatedApplication")
                 // 'Application containing stacks deployed via CDK.' is the default
                 .applicationDescription("Associated Application description")
                 // AWS Account and Region that are implied by the current CLI configuration is the default
 // Associate application to the attribute group.
 associatedApp.appRegistryApplication.addAttributeGroup("MyAttributeGroup", AttributeGroupAssociationProps.builder()
         .description("Test attribute group")
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    static final class 
    (experimental) A fluent builder for ApplicationAssociator.

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    ApplicationAssociator( initializationMode)
    ApplicationAssociator( objRef)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    (experimental) Associate this application with the given stage.
    (experimental) Get the AppRegistry application.
    (experimental) Validates if a stage is already associated to the application.

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  • Constructor Details

    • ApplicationAssociator

      protected ApplicationAssociator( objRef)
    • ApplicationAssociator

      protected ApplicationAssociator( initializationMode)
    • ApplicationAssociator

      @Stability(Experimental) public ApplicationAssociator(@NotNull App scope, @NotNull String id, @NotNull ApplicationAssociatorProps props)
      scope - This parameter is required.
      id - This parameter is required.
      props - This parameter is required.
  • Method Details

    • associateStage

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull public Stage associateStage(@NotNull Stage stage)
      (experimental) Associate this application with the given stage.

      stage - This parameter is required.
    • isStageAssociated

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull public Boolean isStageAssociated(@NotNull Stage stage)
      (experimental) Validates if a stage is already associated to the application.

      stage - This parameter is required.
    • getAppRegistryApplication

      @Stability(Experimental) @NotNull public IApplication getAppRegistryApplication()
      (experimental) Get the AppRegistry application.