Editing Amazon Chime Voice Connector settings - Amazon Chime SDK

Editing Amazon Chime Voice Connector settings

To finish setting up your Amazon Chime Voice Connector, edit the settings from the Amazon Chime console. Edit the termination and origination settings to allow outbound or inbound calls, or both.

Termination settings

Termination settings apply to outbound calls from your Amazon Chime Voice Connector. Set up your calling plan and caller ID options here. You can also specify the IP addresses allowed to make outbound calls using your Amazon Chime Voice Connector, and require credentials for making outbound calls to your Amazon Chime Voice Connector. If you don't specify credentials, no authentication is required.


Your Outbound host name resolves to a set of IP addresses that may change as EC2 instances go in or out of service, so don’t cache records for longer than the DNS Time to Live interval. Caching for longer may result in call failures.

Origination settings

Origination settings apply to inbound calls to your Amazon Chime Voice Connector. Here, configure inbound routes for your SIP hosts to receive inbound calls. Inbound calls are routed to hosts in your SIP infrastructure by the priority and weight you set for each host. Calls are routed in priority order first, with 1 the highest priority. If hosts are equal in priority, calls are distributed among them based on their relative weight.


Encryption-enabled Voice Connectors use TLS (TCP) protocol for all calls.

To edit Amazon Chime Voice Connector settings

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at https://chime.aws.amazon.com/.

  2. For Calling, choose Voice connectors.

  3. Choose the name of the Amazon Chime Voice Connector to edit.

  4. Edit your settings as follows:

    1. (Optional) Choose General to update the Voice connector name, and enable or disable encryption.

    2. Choose Termination, and select Enabled.

    3. (Optional) For Allowlist, choose New, enter the CIDR notations and values to allowlist, and choose Add.

    4. For Calling plan, select the country or countries to add to your calling plan.

    5. (Optional) For Credentials, choose New, enter a user name and password, and choose Save. Your credentials are updated immediately.

    6. (Optional) For Caller ID, choose Edit, select a caller ID phone number, and choose Save.

    7. Choose Save again.

    8. Choose Origination, and select Enabled.

    9. For Inbound routes, choose New.

    10. Enter the values for Host, Port, Protocol, Priority, and Weight.

    11. Choose Add.

    12. Choose Save.

    13. (Optional) For Emergency calling, choose Add to add emergency call routing numbers that you have obtained from a third-party emergency service provider. For more information, see Setting up emergency calling.

    14. (Optional) For Streaming, choose Start to send audio to a Kinesis Video Stream, then choose Save.

    15. Choose Phone numbers.

    16. Select one or more phone numbers to assign to the Amazon Chime Voice Connector.

    17. Choose Assign.

    18. (Optional) For Logging, choose Enabled to send logs to CloudWatch Logs, then choose Save.

For more information about assigning phone numbers to an Amazon Chime Voice Connector, see Assigning and unassigning Amazon Chime Voice Connector phone numbers.