Requesting user attachments - Amazon Chime

Requesting user attachments

If you manage an Enterprise account and have the appropriate permissions, you can request and receive attachments that have been uploaded into Amazon Chime by your users. You can get attachments that users uploaded into 1:1 and group conversations or into chat rooms that they created.


If you manage an Amazon Chime Team account, you can upgrade to an Enterprise account by claiming one or more domains. Alternatively, you can remove users from the Team account, which enables those unmanaged users to get their attachments using the Amazon Chime Assistant.

To request user attachments

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at

  2. On the Accounts page, select the name of the Amazon Chime account.

  3. Under Settings, choose Account, Account actions, Request attachments.

  4. Within approximately 24 hours, the Account summary page provides a link to a file containing a list of presigned URLs that you use to access each attachment.

  5. Download the file.


    Be sure to maintain an appropriate level of access control on the file. Any user that obtains the file can use the provided list of URLs to download the associated attachments.

    Presigned URLs expire after 6 days. You can submit a request one time every 7 days.

To use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to manage access to the Amazon Chime administration console and the Request attachments action, use one of the Amazon Chime managed policies (FullAccess, UserManagement, or ReadOnly). Alternatively, you can update the custom policies to include the StartDataExport action and RetrieveDataExport action. For more information about these actions, see Actions defined by Amazon Chime in the IAM User Guide.