Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

View User Details

You can use the User details page to enter detailed information about an individual user, or update a specific user account. The following user information is available on the page.


If a user hasn't accepted the invitation to a team account, not all information appears on this page.

Field Description Example
Display name The user's name that appears in Amazon Chime. For LWA users, this is the full name. For Active Directory users, the DISPLAY_NAME_ATTRIBUTE is used.

Major, Mary

Email address

For LWA users, this is the email address they used to register. For Active Directory users, the primary email address from Active Directory appears.

Registration The user’s current registration status. Possible values are different for enterprise accounts where invitations are not sent and team accounts where invitations are sent. Registered, Unregistered (for a team account), or Suspended (for an enterprise account)
License License types for users are Plus by default and Pro for upgraded users. Users that registered within the past 30 days, and have not had their license type changed, appear as ProTrial. Pro, Plus, or ProTrial
Invited For team accounts, this is the date when the user was invited to the account. 04/05/2017
Joined The date when the user first signed into Amazon Chime. For ProTrial users, this is also the date that their ProTrial began. 04/10/2017
Personal PIN This is the personal meeting PIN that the user can use to schedule meetings. 0123456789
Privacy setting This is the presence setting that the user selected. Public or Private