Amazon Chime
User Guide

Use Chat Features

You can use the following features with Amazon Chime chat.

Search as you type

Searches your contacts, conversations, and chat rooms and starts displaying results as you type in the search bar. Press Enter to search all content.

External content URL previews

Shows a preview of content, such as titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, when pasting URLs to external sites.

Rich text support

Supports rich text formatting, such as bold font, lists, or heading levels. To send a rich text message, type /md and compose your message using markdown syntax. To send blocks of code, type /code, and then enter your code.

Emoji and .gif support

To insert an emoji, choose Pick an emoji next to the chat input field. Upload saved .gif files into the chat input field to play it inline, or use markdown to display .gif files from the web.

Drag and drop files

Drag and drop files into the chat pane, or copy and paste images directly from your clipboard.