What is Amazon Chime? - Amazon Chime

What is Amazon Chime?

Amazon Chime is a flexible communications service with pay-as-you-go pricing. In turn, the Amazon Chime desktop, web, and mobile clients provide an integrated place to use those services. You can meet, chat, and place business calls using a single application. This guide explains how to use the Amazon Chime clients on your computer desktop, your browser, and mobile devices.

For information about Amazon Chime editions, features, and pricing, see https://aws.amazon.com/chime/pricing.

Joining an Amazon Chime meeting quickly

If you receive Amazon Chime invitations and want to join meetings quickly, or if you use Linux, you can do so with your internet browser. For more information, see Joining scheduled meetings.

If you have time before a meeting starts, you can install the Amazon Chime desktop client or mobile client and join the meeting anonymously. For more information, see Joining meetings without an Amazon Chime user account and Using the Amazon Chime mobile app.

Getting started with Amazon Chime

To get started using Chime, see the next section, Getting started with Amazon Chime. Topics in the section explain the system requirements, and how to set up the necessary Amazon Chime accounts, learn the software, and add contacts. If you're new to Amazon Chime this section will help you get going quickly.