Amazon Chime
User Guide

Creating a Chat Room

To collaborate in a less direct way on projects, invite others during escalations, or discussions topics or teams on an ongoing basis, you can create a chat room. There is no limit to the number of users that can be invited to a chat room, nor is there a limit to the number of chat rooms that an individual user can join.

To create a chat room

  1. Choose Rooms, New Room.

  2. Enter a name for the chat room and choose Create.

  3. Add members from your contact list.

  4. Invitees receive an Amazon Chime notification and the chat room automatically opens on their desktop app. (Mobile users receive push notifications.)

  5. Members are listed on the right side of the chat room.

  6. To start an instant meeting, choose the phone receiver icon and choose a single member, multiple members, or the entire chat room.

  7. To close the chat room but remain a member, choose the red X next to the name of the chat room.

  8. To leave the chat room (you must be re-invited to return), choose Settings, Leave the chat room.

Administering a Chat Room

Chat room administrators have a crown icon next their names. Administrators can add or edit members, edit the chat room name and invite policy, and delete the chat room and thread history under Settings.

Administrators can't leave the chat room if they are the only administrator. They must promote another member to administrator before they leave.

To make someone an administrator, choose Settings, Edit Members, select a member, and then choose Make Administrator.

Sending Notifications

Because chat rooms are continuous conversations, you can send an audible notification (a sound on your desktop or a push notification on your mobile device) to call attention to new messages.

Type @ or choose At-mention and select a member’s name, the entire chat room, or present members. Chosen members see new messages in bold with their name highlighted. If they’re online but the chat room is closed, the chat room pops open automatically on their screens.


@all and @present notifications are not enabled for chat rooms with more than 50 users. Windows users who type @ to mention a chat room member will not see the member's presence status in the At-mention user list in chat rooms with more than 50 users.

Joining a Chat Room

To join a chat room, accept the chat room invite. By default, only chat room administrators can invite new members to the chat room. To allow all chat room members to invite new members, administrators can choose Chat room settings, Edit chat room. Then, for Who can invite new members to this room?, select All members.