Joining a meeting using an in-room video conference system - Amazon Chime

Joining a meeting using an in-room video conference system

To join Amazon Chime meetings with video and audio from an in-room system, you enter a meeting ID or a set of numbers. Your meeting invitation contains the ID or numbers. What you enter depends on the protocol that the in-room system uses—SIP or H.323—and the meeting invitation specifies the protocol.

To join an Amazon Chime meeting using an in-room conference system

  1. Turn on your in-room system and choose Video Conference, Dialing, and Keyboard.

  2. Enter one of the following as instructed by your Amazon Chime meeting invitation:

    • SIP10-digit meeting,, or

    • H.32313.248.147.139 or

  3. Choose Call and wait a few seconds to connect to Amazon Chime.

  4. If prompted, enter the 10-digit or 13-digit meeting ID from the meeting invitation, followed by #.


    If you enter the 13-digit meeting ID, generated using an Amazon Chime client, your name appears in the meeting instead of the in-room video system name.

  5. To share your screen with other meeting attendees, plug the system cable into your laptop and enable content sharing.

If you are joining a moderated meeting, you are unable to interact with other attendees until a moderator joins and starts the meeting.

If you have the moderator passcode, enter the passcode to join as a moderator and start the meeting. Moderators who join a moderated a meeting using a supported in-room video system can also perform additional actions from the dialpad. For more information about moderator dialpad actions, see Moderator actions using phone or in-room video systems. For more information about moderated meetings, see Scheduling a moderated meeting.