Amazon Chime
User Guide

Joining a Meeting Using the Amazon Chime Mobile App

If you have the Amazon Chime client app installed and have signed in from your iOS or Android device at least one time, you can join a meeting using the Amazon Chime mobile app.

To join a meeting using the Amazon Chime mobile app

  1. When the meeting starts, listen for the ring notification and see the visual notification on your phone.

  2. Slide your finger across the notification to launch the Amazon Chime app and choose your meeting.

  3. In the Meeting Starting dialog box, choose Join.

  4. Choose one of the following audio options:

    • If you are the only audio source in the room, choose Use My Audio.

    • If you are dialing in or if there is another user in the room using their Audio, choose Don't Use My Audio.

    • If your cellular data isn’t strong and you want to use your mobile phone to dial into the meeting, choose Dial In. Dial the number that appears on the screen and choose Call.

Using the Amazon Chime Mobile App for iOS

If you have the Amazon Chime client app installed on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or other iOS device, you can choose how you receive inbound meetings and calls on that device. The following options are provided in the iOS settings that control how you are notified for Amazon Chime meetings and calls.

  • Call this device for scheduled meetings – When enabled (by default), your device rings for scheduled meetings as well as ad hoc and instant meetings. Disable this setting if you do not want this device to ring when a scheduled meeting begins.

  • Play ringtone for calls and meetings – When enabled (by default), the Amazon Chime ringtone will play. Disable this setting if you would rather have the iOS standard inbound call sounds played.

  • Allow joining from lock screen – When disabled (by default), join your meetings and calls from Amazon Chime notifications. Enable this setting to answer inbound meetings and calls like regular phone calls, without opening the Amazon Chime app.


Your device’s Do not disturb functionality can be used to override and block meeting and call notifications and alerts.