Scheduling meetings with a calendar app - Amazon Chime

Scheduling meetings with a calendar app

You can schedule meetings with your existing calendar app.

To schedule a meeting with a calendar app

  1. From the Amazon Chime app, choose Meetings, Schedule a meeting.

  2. Select your meeting options, and choose Next.

  3. For Select your calendar app, choose Other.

  4. In your calendar app, create a new meeting.

  5. In the Amazon Chime app, choose Copy addresses, and paste the required email addresses into your calendar invitation.

  6. Choose Copy invitation, and copy the invitation text into your calendar invitation.

  7. (Optional) If you created a moderated meeting with a passcode, choose Copy moderator info and send the moderator information to one or more attendees who will act as meeting moderators. Moderator information is not included in the Amazon Chime meeting invite and must be sent to moderators separately. For more information, see Scheduling a moderated meeting.

  8. In your calendar app, update the meeting invitation with additional attendees as needed.

  9. Send the meeting invitation from your calendar app.

  10. In the Amazon Chime app, choose I am done.

To update a meeting, update in your calendar app as you normally would, but make sure to send the invite to all attendees. This ensures that the invite is updated in Amazon Chime as well.