Amazon Chime
User Guide

Schedule Meetings with Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar, you can also schedule Amazon Chime meetings.

To schedule a meeting using Google Calendar

  1. Open the Amazon Chime app.

  2. Choose Meetings, Schedule a Meeting.

  3. In the Schedule Meeting assistant, choose Google Calendar.

  4. Choose your meeting settings, including dial-in numbers, which are added to the meeting instructions.

  5. Choose one of the following options:

    • Personal Meeting ID - This is a personal meeting ID that is assigned to you. It's a convenient way to schedule meetings, because you don't have to remember new meeting details for each new meeting.

    • One-Time Meeting ID - This is a 10-digit pin that Amazon Chime generates to use for single or recurring meetings. This is ideal for back-to-back, overlapping, or confidential meetings.

  6. Review the Schedule Meetings Instructions field, which is automatically populated.

  7. Choose Schedule with Google.

  8. A new tab opens in your default browser. Make sure that this browser is signed into your Google account with the same email address that you used to create your Amazon Chime account.

  9. A Google invite appears, which includes meeting instructions and an invite to Amazon Chime. Having Amazon Chime in the list of invitees enables Auto-call and automatically starts the meeting for registered attendees at the scheduled start time.

  10. Enter the name, date, time, additional attendees, and recurrence (if any).

  11. Send the invite.

To add Amazon Chime to an existing Google Calendar meeting

  1. From the Amazon Chime app, choose Meetings, Schedule Meeting.

  2. For Calendar app, choose Other.

  3. Choose your meeting settings and choose Copy.

  4. Go to your Google calendar and open the meeting to update.

  5. For Add guests, paste the attendee details and choose Add.

  6. Copy the meeting instructions from the Amazon Chime Schedule Meeting assistant.

  7. In Google Calendar, paste the instructions into the Description field and choose Save, Send.