Removing yourself from a recurring meeting - Amazon Chime

Removing yourself from a recurring meeting

We recommend that meeting hosts remove attendees from recurring meetings using their calendar app. However, there can be times when Amazon Chime doesn't receive an update indicating that an attendee has been removed. Therefore, Amazon Chime might continue to auto-call an attendee for meetings that are no longer displayed on their calendar. You can remove yourself as an attendee from recurring meetings by following these steps.


The following steps are supported only for recurring events, and are available only for meeting attendees, not the meeting organizer. Don't use this option if you want to be removed from a single occurrence in a series.

To remove yourself from a recurring meeting as an attendee

  1. From the Amazon Chime app, choose Home.

  2. In progress meetings and Upcoming meetings meetings starting in the next 30 minutes display.

  3. Select a meeting, and choose Remove me from series.

  4. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete yourself or the attendee.

Amazon Chime won't auto-call you for upcoming or future meetings in the recurring series, and your name won't appear on the meeting roster.


If you requested to be removed, but you are still on the calendar invite, you might be auto-called in the future if there is an update to the event in the calendar app. To ensure removal, contact the meeting organizer and ask to be removed from the meeting series.