Using Amazon Voice Focus - Amazon Chime

Using Amazon Voice Focus

Amazon Voice Focus reduces the sound levels of noises that can intrude on a meeting, such as:

  • Environment noises – wind, fans, running water.

  • Background noises – lawnmowers, barking dogs.

  • Foreground noises – typing, papers shuffling.


Amazon Voice Focus doesn't eliminate those types of noises; it reduces their sound levels. To ensure privacy during a meeting, use the Mute button to silence yourself or others.

Amazon Chime enables Amazon Voice Focus by default. You can tell it's on by the check mark next to Voice Focus (noise suppression) on the More menu. Amazon Voice Focus processes your voice; however, it never records you or uses what you say to train itself.

You can turn Amazon Voice Focus off at any time during a meeting. For example, you might turn it off when:

  • You're in a conference room, and you want remote attendees to hear the conversation between the other people in the room.

  • You want other attendees to hear your ambient noise, such as music playing before the start of a presentation.

To turn off Amazon Voice Focus

  1. In the meeting window, choose More.

  2. Choose Voice Focus (noise suppression) to clear the check mark.

Repeat those steps to turn Amazon Voice Focus on again.


Currently, Amazon Voice Focus runs on these devices:

  • Windows 8.1 and later on computers running at least 4th generation Intel processors, or the AMD equivalent.

  • macOS machines from 2007 and later.