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User Guide

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[ aws . cloudtrail ]



Updates any of the trail configuration settings, and creates and configures any new AWS resources specified.

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


aws cloudtrail update-subscription [(--s3-use-bucket|--s3-new-bucket) bucket-name] [--sns-new-topic topic-name]


--name (string) Cloudtrail name

--s3-new-bucket (string) Create a new S3 bucket with this name

--s3-use-bucket (string) Use an existing S3 bucket with this name

--s3-prefix (string) S3 object prefix

--sns-new-topic (string) Create a new SNS topic with this name

--include-global-service-events (string) Whether to include global service events

--s3-custom-policy (string) Custom S3 policy template or URL

--sns-custom-policy (string) Custom SNS policy template or URL

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


To update the configuration settings for a trail

The following update-subscription command updates the trail to specify a new S3 bucket and SNS topic:

aws cloudtrail update-subscription --name Trail1 --s3-new-bucket my-bucket-new --sns-new-topic my-topic-new


Setting up new S3 bucket my-bucket-new...
Setting up new SNS topic my-topic-new...
Creating/updating CloudTrail configuration...
CloudTrail configuration:
"trailList": [
    "IncludeGlobalServiceEvents": true,
    "Name": "Trail1",
    "TrailARN": "arn:aws:cloudtrail:us-east-1:123456789012:trail/Trail1",
    "LogFileValidationEnabled": false,
    "IsMultiRegionTrail": false,
    "S3BucketName": "my-bucket-new",
    "SnsTopicName": "my-topic-new",
    "HomeRegion": "us-east-1"
"ResponseMetadata": {
"HTTPStatusCode": 200,
"RequestId": "31126f8a-c616-11e5-9cc6-2fd637936879"