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AWS Cloud Map services

An AWS Cloud Map service is a template for registering service instances that consists of the service name and DNS configuration, if applicable, for the service. You can also set up a health check to determine the health status of instances in the service and filter out unhealthy resources. A service can represent a component of your application. For example, you can create a service for resources that handle payments on your application and another for resources that manage users.

A service allows you to locate the resources for an application by getting back one or more endpoints that can be used to connect to the resource. The location of resources is done using DNS queries or the AWS Cloud Map DiscoverInstances API action, depending on how you've configured the namespace. You can use the AWS Cloud Map console to scope instance discovery at the service level.

The following topics describe health check and DNS configurations for services and include instructions for creating, listing, updating, and deleting a service.