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Arn Examples

The following examples are separated by ARN types and show how they can be constructed for each schema state (where applicable). A schema can exist in three states:

  • Development: This is a mutable state of the schema. All new schemas are in the development state. Once the schema is finalized, it can be published. All development schemas are under the development sub root of the schema metadata container.

  • Published: Published schemas are immutable and have a version associated with them. All published schemas are under the published sub root of the schema container.

  • Applied: Applied schemas are mutable in a way that allows you to add new schema facets. However, existing schema facets cannot be changed. You can apply only published schemas to directories. You can't apply schemas at the node level, but only at the directory root level.

Schema Arns

State Format or Example Schema Arn
Development Format arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:accountId:schema/development/SchemaName
Example arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:12345678910:schema/development/cognito
Published Format arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:accountId:schema/published/SchemaName/SchemaVersion
Example arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:12345678910:schema/published/cognito/1.0
Format arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:accountId:schema/published/SchemaName/SchemaVersion/SchemaMinorVersion
Example arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:12345678910:schema/published/cognito/1.0/XYZ
Applied Format arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:accountId:directory/directoryId/SchemaName/SchemaVersion
Example arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:12345678910:directory/ARIqk1HD-UjdtmcIrJHEvPI/schema/cognito/1.0
Format arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:accountId:directory/directoryId/SchemaName/SchemaVersion/SchemaMinorVersion
Example arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:12345678910:directory/ARIqk1HD-UjdtmcIrJHEvPI/schema/cognito/1.0/XYZ

Directory Arns

Arn Type Format or example Arn
Directory Arn Format arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:Directory owner accountId:directory/directoryId
Example arn:aws:clouddirectory:us-west-2:12345678910:directory/ARIqk1HD-UjdtmcIrJHEvPI

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