Welcome to the Amazon Cloud Directory API Reference - Amazon Cloud Directory

Welcome to the Amazon Cloud Directory API Reference

Amazon Cloud Directory is a highly scalable, high performance, multitenant directory service in the cloud. Its web-based directories make it easy for you to organize and manage application resources such as users, groups, locations, devices, policies, and the rich relationships between them. Cloud Directory is a foundational building block for developers to create directory-based solutions easily and without having to worry about deployment, global scale, availability, and performance.

With Cloud Directory, you can organize directory objects into multiple hierarchies to support multiple organizational pivots and relationships across directory information. For example, a directory of users could provide a hierarchical view based on reporting structure, location, and project affiliation. Similarly, a directory of devices might have multiple hierarchical views based on its manufacturer, current owner, and physical location. For more information, see Amazon Cloud Directory in the AWS Directory Service Admin Guide.

This guide describes the Cloud Directory operations that you can call programatically and includes detailed information on data types and errors.


AWS provides SDKs that consist of libraries and sample code for various programming languages and platforms (Java, Ruby, .Net, iOS, Android, etc.). The SDKs provide a convenient way to create programmatic access to AWS Directory Service and other AWS services. For more information about the AWS SDKs, including how to download and install them, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.