CloudHSM Command Line Interface (CLI) - AWS CloudHSM

CloudHSM Command Line Interface (CLI)

CloudHSM CLI helps admins manage users and crypto users manage keys in their cluster. It includes tools that can be used to create, delete and list users, change user passwords, update user multifactor authentication (MFA). It also includes commands that generate, delete, import, and export keys, get and set attributes, find keys, and perform cryptographic operations.

For defined list of CloudHSM CLI users, see Managing HSM users with CloudHSM CLI . For a defined list of key attributes for CloudHSM CLI, see Key attributes for CloudHSM CLI. For information on how to use CloudHSM CLI to manage keys, see Managing keys with CloudHSM CLI.

For a quick start, see Getting started with CloudHSM Command Line Interface (CLI). For detailed information about the CloudHSM CLI commands and examples of using the commands, see Reference for CloudHSM CLI commands.