Create a virtual private cloud (VPC) - AWS CloudHSM

Create a virtual private cloud (VPC)

If you don't already have a virtual private cloud (VPC), create one now.

To create a VPC

  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. On the navigation bar, use the region selector to choose one of the AWS Regions where AWS CloudHSM is currently supported.

  3. Choose Launch VPC Wizard.

  4. For Resources to create, select VPC, subnets, etc.

  5. For Name tag auto-generation, type an identifiable name such as CloudHSM.

  6. For DNS options, check Enable DNS hostnames.

  7. Leave all other options set to their defaults.

  8. Choose Create VPC.

  9. After the VPC is created, choose View VPC to view the details of the VPC you just created.