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AWS CloudHSM quotas

Quotas, formerly known as limits, are the assigned values for AWS resources. The following quotas apply to your AWS CloudHSM resources per AWS Region and AWS account. The default quota is the initial value applied by AWS, and these values are listed in the table below. An adjustable quota can be increased above the default quota.

Service quotas
Resource Default Quota Adjustable?
Clusters 4 Yes
HSMs 6 Yes
HSMs per cluster 28 No

The recommended way of requesting a quota increase is to open the Service Quotas console. In the console, choose your service and quota, and submit your request. For more information, see the Service Quotas documentation.

The quotas in the following System Quotas table are not adjustable.

System quotas
Resource Quota
Maximum keys per cluster 3,300
Maximum users per cluster 1,024
Maximum length of a user name 31 characters
Required password length 7 to 32 characters
Maximum number of concurrent client connections per cluster1 900
Maximum number of PKCS#11 sessions per application 1,024

[1] A client connection for Client SDK 3 is a client daemon. For Client SDK 5, a client connection is an application.

For more information, see System resources.