Sharing and unsharing keys - AWS CloudHSM

Sharing and unsharing keys

In AWS CloudHSM, the CU who creates the key owns it. The owner manages the key, can export and delete it, and can use the key in cryptographic operations. The owner can also share the key with other CU users. Users with whom the key is shared can use the key in cryptographic operations, but they cannot export or delete the key, or share it with other users.

You can share keys with other CU users when you create the key, such as by using the -u parameter of the genSymKey or genRSAKeyPair commands. To share existing keys with a different HSM user, use the cloudhsm_mgmt_util command line tool. This is different from most of the tasks documented in this section, which use the key_mgmt_util command line tool.

Before you can share a key, you must start cloudhsm_mgmt_util, enable end-to-end encryption, and log in to the HSMs. To share a key, log in to the HSM as the crypto user (CU) that owns the key. Only key owners can share a key.

Use the shareKey command to share or unshare a key, specifying the handle of the key and the IDs of the user or users. To share or unshare with more than one user, specify a comma-separated list of user IDs. To share a key, use 1 as the command's last parameter, as in the following example. To unshare, use 0.

aws-cloudhsm>shareKey 524295 4 1 *************************CAUTION******************************** This is a CRITICAL operation, should be done on all nodes in the cluster. AWS does NOT synchronize these changes automatically with the nodes on which this operation is not executed or failed, please ensure this operation is executed on all nodes in the cluster. **************************************************************** Do you want to continue(y/n)?y shareKey success on server 0( shareKey success on server 1( shareKey success on server 2(

The following shows the syntax for the shareKey command.

aws-cloudhsm>shareKey <key handle> <user ID> <Boolean: 1 for share, 0 for unshare>