Get an IAM policy version using an AWS SDK - AWS SDK Code Examples

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Get an IAM policy version using an AWS SDK

The following code example shows how to get an IAM policy version.

SDK for Python (Boto3)

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def get_default_policy_statement(policy_arn): """ Gets the statement of the default version of the specified policy. :param policy_arn: The ARN of the policy to look up. :return: The statement of the default policy version. """ try: policy = iam.Policy(policy_arn) # To get an attribute of a policy, the SDK first calls get_policy. policy_doc = policy.default_version.document policy_statement = policy_doc.get('Statement', None)"Got default policy doc for %s.", policy.policy_name) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't get default policy statement for %s.", policy_arn) raise else: return policy_statement
  • For API details, see GetPolicyVersion in AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) API Reference.