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Download package version assets

An asset is an individual file (for example, an npm .tgz file or Maven POM or JAR file) stored in CodeArtifact that is associated with a package version. You can download package assets using the get-package-version-assets command. This allows you to retrieve assets without using a package manager client such as npm or pip. To download an asset you must provide the asset's name which can be obtained using the list-package-version-assets command, for more information see List package version assets. The asset will be downloaded to local storage with a file name that you specify.

The following example downloads the guava-27.1-jre.jar asset from the Maven package with version 27.1-jre.

aws codeartifact get-package-version-asset --domain my_domain --domain-owner 111122223333 --repository my_repo \ --format maven --namespace --package guava --package-version 27.1-jre \ --asset guava-27.1-jre.jar guava-27.1-jre.jar

The output of the command will be:

{ "assetName": "guava-27.1-jre.jar", "packageVersion": "27.1-jre", "packageVersionRevision": "YGp9ck2tmy03PGSxioclfYzQ0BfTLR9zzhQJtERv62I=" }

In this example, the file name was specified as guava-27.1-jre.jar by the last argument in the command above, so the downloaded asset will be named guava-27.1-jre.jar.

Downloading assets using get-package-version-asset requires codeartifact:GetPackageVersionAsset permission on the package resource. For more information about resource-based permission policies, see Resource-based policies in the AWS Identity and Access Management User Guide.