Install or upgrade and then configure the AWS CLI - CodeArtifact

Install or upgrade and then configure the AWS CLI

To call CodeArtifact commands from the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) on a local development machine, you must install the AWS CLI.

If you have an older version of the AWS CLI installed, you must upgrade it so the CodeArtifact commands are available. CodeArtifact commands are available in the following AWS CLI versions:

  1. AWS CLI 1: 1.18.77 and newer

  2. AWS CLI 2: 2.0.21 and newer

To check the version, use the aws --version command.

To install and configure the AWS CLI
  1. Install or upgrade the AWS CLI with the instructions in Installing the AWS Command Line Interface.

  2. Configure the AWS CLI, with the configure command, as follows.

    aws configure

    When prompted, specify the AWS access key and AWS secret access key of the IAM user that you will use with CodeArtifact. When prompted for the default AWS Region name, specify the Region where you will create the pipeline, such as us-east-2. When prompted for the default output format, specify json.


    When you configure the AWS CLI, you are prompted to specify an AWS Region. Choose one of the supported Regions listed in Region and Endpoints in the AWS General Reference.

    For more information, see Configuring the AWS Command Line Interface and Managing access keys for IAM users.

  3. To verify the installation or upgrade, call the following command from the AWS CLI.

    aws codeartifact help

    If successful, this command displays a list of available CodeArtifact commands.

Next, you can create an IAM user and grant that user access to CodeArtifact. For more information, see Provision an IAM user.