NuGet compatibility - CodeArtifact

NuGet compatibility

This guide contains information about CodeArtifact's compatibility with different NuGet tools and versions.

General NuGet compatibility

AWS CodeArtifact supports NuGet 4.8 and higher.

AWS CodeArtifact only supports V3 of the NuGet HTTP protocol. This means that some CLI commands that rely V2 of the protocol are not supported. See the nuget.exe command support section for more information.

AWS CodeArtifact does not support PowerShellGet 2.x.

NuGet command line support

AWS CodeArtifact supports the NuGet (nuget.exe) and .NET Core (dotnet) CLI tools.

nuget.exe command support

Because CodeArtifact only supports V3 of NuGet's HTTP protocol, the following commands will not work when used against CodeArtifact resources:

  • list: The nuget list command displays a list of packages from a given source. To get a list of packages in a CodeArtifact repository, you can use the List package names command from the AWS CLI.